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Whether you are currently in Canada or moving to Canada for overseas education, deciding the best city to live in can be difficult. What makes a city the perfect choice for you might not be the best choice for someone else.

In this article, we have mentioned the important things you need to know about the top student-friendly cities in Canada.

1. Toronto

Toronto is known for its food festivals, art, historical monuments, and much more. Home to the top-ranked University of Toronto, this is a big attraction for students from everywhere in the world. It is ranked 34 as the most student-friendly city in the world.

Why you should choose Toronto:

  • Diversity– This city is known for its diverse culture. India, China, the UK, and Ireland represent a large cultural group in this city. There are 140 languages spoken in total.
  • Easy transportation– Toronto was named the best city for public transportation in Canada for 2019. Public transportation is the best way to get around the city. The Toronto Transport Commission TTC runs three modes of transport- subway, street car, and bus.
  • Safety– Toronto is the least dangerous city in North America. The Economist Intelligence Unit’s 2019 Safe City Index has ranked Toronto as the 6th safest city in the world.
  • Education and Employment Opportunities– Toronto attracts more students compared to other cities in Canada due to its rich culture. Not just this, Toronto provides a lot of employment opportunities with an excellent education.

2. Vancouver

Vancouver is also one of Canada’s major cultural hubs. It was recently ranked as the best city to live in, in North America. World-renowned for its natural beauty, Vancouver is ideal if you enjoy the outdoors.



Why you should choose Vancouver:

  • Diversity– The majority of students here are European Canadian students followed by Chinese. The English, Irish, and Scottish form the largest ethnic group in this city.
  • Transportation– Vancouver is a walkable city. You can go to most places on foot, by bike or on public transport. Major attractions and many popular neighborhoods are located within walking distance of one another in this city.
  • Safety– Overall risk is low in Vancouver. Personal safety is ranked at a very high level for everyone, especially tourists.
  • Education and Employment– Vancouver offers a variety of employment opportunities for students in various sectors. With the wide range of courses, the employment opportunities are also high.

3. Ottawa

Ottawa is one of the best student-friendly cities in the world, which has a diverse student environment, according to QS surveys. This city is known for its winter sports, like skiing and skating.


Why you should choose Ottawa:

  • Diversity– Ottawa’s cultural diversity makes it a cosmopolitan center of Canada. Around 53% of the immigrants are from Asia and the Middle East. Various languages like Italian, Spanish, German, Chinese, and Arabic are spoken here.
  • Transportation– Ottawa offers excellent transport services to its citizens. There are buses with fixed routes and a light rail transit system that acts as a shuttle. There are also special arrangements, like Para Transpo services for disabled people.
  • Safety– Ottawa has had the lowest rate of violent crime among Canada’s six largest cities over the past decade.
  • Education and Employment– Ottawa has the largest tech park and federal employment node in Canada offering 566,000 jobs to its students.

4. Montreal

Montreal’s multicultural festivals, exhibitions, museums, and mesmerizing views make it widely considered by international students.


Why you should choose Montreal:

  • Diversity– Montreal is one of the most ethnically and culturally diverse cities in the world. This is because there is a high number of immigrants moving to this city every year.
  • Transportation– With 200 bus routes, and more than 50 metro stations, Montreal’s transport is known for being easily accessible.
  • Safety– It is known as the world’s 17th safest city. Montreal stands at the topmost position among the ten best student-friendly cities in North America and Canada
  • Education and Employment– Located in Québec, Canada’s largest province, Montréal consists of 11 universities and 60 colleges. There are a lot of job opportunities in a diverse range of fields but not knowing French can be a barrier.

5. Winnipeg

Winnipeg has been a magnet for international students for years. It is ranked as the third-fastest growing economy among Canada’s major cities.


Why you should choose Winnipeg:

  • Diversity– One of the most culturally rich cities in Canada.
  • Transportation– Due to cold winters and the suburban sprawl (spreading of urban developments), many cities in Winnipeg opt for cars over buses.
  • Safety– It is a peaceful province, and hate crimes or discrimination cases are rare.
  • Education and Employment– 6 universities are offering 67 programs in Winnipeg. Many students choose this city because of its cultural diversity and excellent education opportunities. Winnipeg also provides job security and benefits. It has the lowest unemployment rate in Canada.

These are the top 5 cities in Canada for International students. If you are still confused about which city is the best option for you, let us help you figure that out. For the free counseling, contact us.

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