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Explore the charm of New Brunswick with these seven interesting facts about Atlantic Canada’s largest Maritime province. Known for its bilingual culture, growing tech industry, and high quality of life, New Brunswick offers unique opportunities. From the historic University of New Brunswick to free healthcare for international students, this province is a great choice for those considering studying in Canada.

Seven Fascinating Facts about New Brunswick

Here are several interesting facts about the largest Maritime province in Atlantic Canada. Students interested in applying to studying in Canada can contact verified education consultants for Canada, in Delhi.

  1. Canada’s only officially bilingual province: While English and French have equal status, about 70 percent of the population in New Brunswick are Anglophone and 30 percent are Francophone.
  2. Exciting career opportunities in new fields: New Brunswick is a center of innovation, with an increasing reputation as a world leader in technology and cyber security. Moncton was recently ranked the best city in Canada for employment opportunities according to the BMO (Bank of Montreal) Labour Market Report Card in April 2018. This also makes studying in Canada a great option, especially for international students.
  3. Quality of life: New Brunswick has a population of approximately 729,997 (2006 census) living in an area of 73,440 km², which is roughly 10 people per square km. Saint John, the province’s largest city has a population of 121,340 (recorded in 2007), while the capital, Fredericton, has about 80,000. Commuting time is short even in the cities, leaving more time for friends and family in the great outdoors. Furthermore, air quality in Fredericton was ranked fifth in Canada and 25th in the world (WHO, 2016). Canadian education is one of the most sought-after options by international students.
  4. Fun places galore to exploreBetween the highest tides in the world at The Bay of Fundy, the largest natural whirlpool in the Western Hemisphere near Deer Island, and the province’s historic capital, New Brunswick has many exciting places to visit. This can make studying in Canada a great experience.
  5. Free healthcare: This is one of the best merits of living and studying in the city. Medicare coverage is available at no cost in New Brunswick for full-time international students who have lived in the province for three months, including their spouses and children.
  6. Home to the oldest English university in Canada: Established in 1785, the University of New Brunswick is the first English-language University in Canada and among the oldest public universities in North America.
  7. Many good options for study: With a public education system that delivers the highest high school graduation rate in all of Canada (over 85 percent), and a post-secondary system comprising five universities, nine community colleges, and over 100 private training institutions across the province, international students seeking high-quality academic opportunities will do right to consider New Brunswick as their study destination.

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