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Finding an Internship in Study Abroad

Deciding where to study abroad can be tough when you want to find a great internship too. The location you pick can really impact your chances of landing an awesome internship that kick starts your career. In this blog post, I’ll talk about the top 10 destinations around the world that offer amazing study abroad programs and internship opportunities.

London, England

As one of the top financial and cultural hubs in the world, London offers endless internship chances with major companies and organizations. Studying abroad here lets you experience British culture while building your resume with respected UK companies. Fields like business, finance, healthcare, tech and more have open intern jobs.

  • Well-known finance and tech companies like HSBC, Barclays, Lloyds Banking Group, and Capgemini recruit talent for competitive internships.
  • Startup internships available in London’s thriving entrepreneur community at programs like the Virgin StartUp Accelerator.
  • Healthcare organizations and hospitals like Croydon University Hospital, King’s College Hospital and Great Ormond Street Hospital offer clinical internships.

Sydney, Australia

With its vibrant economy and beautiful location, Sydney is a coveted study abroad choice. The Australia-Asia connection makes Sydney a gateway to internships in diverse industries like healthcare, tourism, startups and trade. You’ll find openings at international companies, innovative startups and more to match your interests.

  • Healthcare provider NSW Health runs the largest internship program in Australia at their many partner sites. -Popular aquariums, zoos and environmental companies surrounding Sydney often seek conservation and marine biology interns.
  • Global companies like Ernst & Young, KPMG and DXC Technology post openings for high-demand accounting, consulting, and IT internships.

Madrid, Spain

As an affordable European option, Spain’s capital city offers gorgeous historical architecture alongside modern businesses. Students abroad can discover cultural wonders, practice conversational Spanish and intern at companies in business, hospitality, tech and more.

  • Hospitality leaders like Marriott Hotels and NH Hotels manage international trainee and intern programs in hotel operations and guest services.
  • Tech, digital media and telecoms giants like Telefonica, Electronic Arts and Vodafone intern in their strategy, software and creative teams.
  • Museums like The Prado, Reina Sofia and Thyssen-Bornemisza provide communications, education and curatorial internships.

Shanghai, China

As an emerging global powerhouse, Shanghai delivers amazing opportunities to launch your career. Studying in Shanghai gives exposure to Chinese culture and business practice while opening doors at major finance and tech companies leading Asian markets.

  • HSBC, IBM and Apple hire interns focusing on ecommerce, manufacturing, sales and IT in Asia Pacific regions.
  • Entrepreneur Network for China and TechCode support startup founders and offer business development internships.
  • Healthcare practice internships available at renowned international hospitals United Family Healthcare and ParkwayHealth.

Dublin, Ireland

This friendly Irish capital blends old-world communities with a vibrant, modern economy. Interning abroad in Dublin lets you connect with health sciences and tech companies focused on innovation. Cultural immersion experiences are endless too in this walkable city full of music, history and literary landmarks.

  • Trinity College Dublin’s business school recruits graduate interns in areas like marketing analytics and finance.
  • Ireland’s booming tech sector creates software engineering, QA testing and UX design internships at growing companies.
  • Tourism and hospitality boards like Failte Ireland and Guinness Storehouse run highly competitive tour guide and visitor experience programs.

Berlin, Germany

Internship openings in Berlin span industries like engineering, manufacturing, finance, technology and more. You’ll gain marketable German language abilities while experiencing Europe’s crossing point of creativity, history and innovation. Arts, culture, nightlife and more will fill your free time too.

  • Startup hubs, Factory Berlin and Deutsche Telekom offer sought-after product management and digital media intern roles.
  • In the strong transport and logistics industry, the Berlin Brandenburg airport coordinates several demanding engineering internships across technical areas.
  • Healthcare students intern through Charité University Hospital or social work programs at organizations like the International Rescue Committee.

San Jose, Costa Rica

Connecting with tropical paradise and welcoming communities, San Jose offers a rich quality of life during your studies abroad. Through diverse internships in healthcare, environment, tourism and beyond, you can build global perspectives and leadership abilities.

Cape Town, South Africa Interning in Cape Town positions you in the core of multifaceted economic development and opportunity across Africa. Studies paired with resume-building work engage you with social justice initiatives, healthcare access, sustainable tourism, winemaking and more.

  • Local contacts at tourism boards like the Costa Rican Tourism Institute connect interns with placements assisting travel vendors or providing marketing.
  • Environmental advocate groups like the Rainforest Alliance and wildlife conservation centers recruit passionate interns to support their education and outreach programs on sustainability.
  • Students adept in Spanish work at hospitals and clinics assisting staff and translations. Common placements are at Hospital CIMA and local community health centers.

Seoul, South Korea

This modern metropolis balances ancient tradition with K-culture creativity and advanced technology. An internship abroad here links you with Asian media, global marketing, innovative startups and international business. You’ll gain hard skills and adaptable mindsets.

  • Tech juggernauts LG, Samsung and SK Hynix have extensive research technology and manufacturing intern positions to build hardware and programming skills.
  • Marketing assistants and creative interns needed in Seoul’s entertainment industry from talent agencies, Kpop music labels, and television studios like MBC and SBS.
  • Healthcare IT programs exist through providers like Seoul National University Hospital and AMC Healthcare Republic.

Cape Town, South Africa

Interning in Cape Town positions you in the core of multifaceted economic development and opportunity across Africa. Studies paired with resume-building work engage you with social justice initiatives, healthcare access, sustainable tourism, winemaking and more.

  • Marine biology internships available through the Two Oceans Aquarium, Shark Spotters program, and other organizations protecting fragile coastal ecosystems.
  • Over 200 wineries in vibrant wine country Stellenbosch offer harvest, production, tasting room and distribution internships during seasons.
  • Respected NGOs fighting inequality place interns in human rights law, social justice research and poverty reduction initiatives.

Singapore City, Singapore

Blending Chinese, Malaysian and Indian heritage, Singapore’s competitive economy drives progress across Southeast Asia. Students can intern at financial institutions, tech innovators and entrepreneurs building Asia’s future. You’ll learn to thrive in diverse business environments.

As you pick your study abroad location, keep the internship outlook in mind too. These 10 global hubs offer awesome life experiences while accelerating your career across industries. Study culture and history during the day and build your resume with an international internship too!

  • Major banking names like DBS Bank, OCBC and United Overseas Bank take on business analyst, wealth management and audit interns.
  • Luxury hospitality brands like Marina Bay Sands, Shangri-La and Raffles recruit guest relations and hotel operations trainees.
  • Energy supply and chemical manufacturing leaders like Shell, ExxonMobil and DuPont intern students with chemistry, engineering and industrial backgrounds.

FAQs about Studying Abroad for an Internship

Where can I research internships for my study abroad location?

Ask your university study abroad office about past partner employers. Search sites like GoAbroad and GoOverseas that list location-based internship programs. Check forums like Reddit to connect with past students about their positions abroad.

What documents do I need to intern abroad?

Requirements differ by country, but you generally need a valid passport, student visa, proof of enrollment from your home university, a resume translated into the local language, a cover letter and letters of recommendation.

How can I network for an internship abroad?

Attend pre-departure mixers to connect with students headed to your location. Join LinkedIn groups for alumni interns from your university and destination city. Ask study abroad advisers about professional associations and companies to target. Acquaintances, friends abroad and professors might have networking contacts too.

Will I need a work permit?

Some countries require you to obtain a work permit or local certification to intern there. Do thorough research on the government site about regulations where you’re going. Ask your study abroad office for specifics too.

Do all internships abroad provide compensation like housing or a stipend?

No, offering compensation depends on the internship. Many come with unpaid but credit-earning academic opportunities. Be sure to clarify if they provide living assistance, meals, transport and more when researching programs.

Landing an awesome international internship while studying abroad can truly propel your future career across borders. Using this list of top destinations as a starting point can help launch your journey!

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