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Why Study in New Zealand as an International Student

Benefits of choosing New Zealand:

New Zealand might seem as a small country. However, it is very famous for its universities and top-notch faculties. The faculties are committed to help aspiring students like you. They create an environment for you to grow and fulfill your dreams.

Also, you can contribute to the improvement of quality of life. Moreover, New Zealand offers academic excellence. Through that, you can learn to enhance developments in the society. Interested to know more about studying in New Zealand? You can get in touch with study abroad consultants in Delhi right away!

New Zealand is one of the best countries in many aspects. You can find,

  • A stable economy
  • Peaceful nature
  • Incredibly beautiful landscape, and
  • A land of opportunities

There are many New Zealand education consultants in Delhi who can give you a clear picture of the education system.


NZ has a centrally managed quality assurance system. This maintains the world-class education they provide you. Hence, you can choose to study in New Zealand than other countries.

Furthermore, there is an organizing body called NZQA. (New Zealand Qualifications Authority). This body demands all institutions to be registered to recruit international students.

Also, it aligns with qualification standards. Study in New Zealand consultants will be able to provide more information on features of NZQA.

Universities in New Zealand:

Six of New Zealand’s eight universities are highly ranked. They come under the top 400 list of universities. This list contains the best universities in the world for higher education.

A degree from New Zealand’s universities is globally recognized. Also, like any other country, New Zealand has a high class faculty, amenities and research facilities.

They will prepare you to face the outside world. Moreover, NZ has its unique advantages to provide you an edge over graduates from other countries. Hence, study in New Zealand will reap the best result for your career.

New Zealand includes 20 institutes of polytechnics and technology. They offer vocational courses too. The tertiary system of New Zealand is divided into six different sectors.

Why you should choose New Zealand over other countries:

  • Your student visa and admissions have a very simple procedure.
  • Colleges don’t teach only academic subjects. Additionally, they focus on training you mentally. They will make you more aware of the practical world. Hence, you will develop a strong personality and decision-making qualities.
  • Colleges are highly affordable for you.
  • Colleges have a mixed eastern and western environment. You will learn to mingle among other students. Moreover, you will understand a broader perspective of your subjects.
  • Programs will enhance your career prospects – both learning and monetary wise.
  • Colleges will make you aware of the global economy. Also, you will be aware of several industries that contribute to it.

Best Universities to study in New Zealand:

  • University of Auckland – The largest and highest ranked university in New Zealand. It ranks 82nd in the world. They consist of six campuses and eight faculties. Moreover, they bear more than 30,000 students.
  • University of Otago – The oldest institution established in 1869. They bear more than 20,000 students in four faculties. They are sciences, business, humanities and health sciences.
  • University of Canterbury – The third highest ranked holds ground for around 15,000 students. Also, courses on almost all subjects are offered.
  • Victoria University of Wellington and Massey University – The fourth and the fifth ranked respectively hosts more than 25,000 students.
  • Furthermore, University of Auckland and University of Otago are the two best medical schools in New Zealand.


You must have a UG degree or a school certificate to study in New Zealand. However, this depends on your chosen program. Also, New Zealand will give you preference if you have work experience.

If you’re looking to know about your eligibility, you can approach study in New Zealand consultants in Delhi.

A work experience will give you an upper hand. That will help you have an edge over other students. Additionally, you will have to provide a language proficiency score to be eligible.

Study abroad consultants in Delhi can help you out find the right place to prepare and excel.


Without a language proficiency score, you will not be eligible to study in New Zealand. You must score a minimum band score of 6.5. Moreover, your individual bands should not be less than 6.0. you can join IELTS Coaching in Delhi, with iae GLOBAL India, come and take free demo class today.


New Zealand provides tons of government and tertiary scholarship options. You’re supposed to be at least 18 years to be eligible to apply.

For more information on scholarships, study in New Zealand consultants will help you out!

Cost to study in New Zealand:

Tuition fee:

Your tuition fee to study in New Zealand can range from NZ$ 20,000 – 75,000, annually.

Cost of Living:

In this case, the cost falls on the higher side. You will have to spend NZ$ 20,000 – 25,000 for cost of living in New Zealand.

Visa Fee:

Your visa will cost you approximately NZ$ 330. Additionally, there will be minor charges for centre fees, etc.

To sum up, study in New Zealand looks like one of the best options to consider. Moreover, when compared to other countries, you will lead a peaceful student life.

Additionally, you will need more information about requirements, visa, IELTS, etc. You can contact iae GLOBAL India in Delhi or call us on 95999 48866. Our New Zealand education consultants in Delhi will solve all your queries.

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